New Track Premiere: "Colorado Kicked"

In anticipation of the band’s second annual Fort Funk concert at Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO, March 31st, Eufórquestra, drops a fresh, new, anthemic tune “Colorado Kicked” via Live For Live Music. Recorded and mixed at Killion Sound in North Hollywood, CA, with Orgone’s Sergio Rios, the track is the first in a series from this session to be released.

Keyboardist, Matt Wright, took Euforquestra’s long-time positive message into his writing. “I set out to write something short and in-your-face, an instrumental rallying cry that says, ‘Let's do this!’ I think we achieved that with 'Colorado Kicked.' It was great to record at Killion Sound, the home base of one of our favorite modern funk bands, Orgone. The vintage gear and intimate setting helped give the track a raw, gritty quality - definitely the vibe the song calls for.”

Colorado fans will get the first chance to trumpet this new anthem as all Fort Funk ticket holders will receive a free download of “Colorado Kicked” at Aggie Theatre before the track hits digital outlets worldwide.